Welcome to Miss Lady’s Class! I am excited to return for my 6th year teaching Cuesta College for Kids classes because summer camps make my summer super fun. For the next three weeks we will be having fun together while learning how to make cool stuff to take home and show our people what we’ve been up to. To pull this off smoothly, there are really only two rules we need:


Seriously, there are a few other items and they are easy too:

  • Please stash your stuff somewhere I will not trip over it!
  • There is talking the first part of every class…if you promise to listen, I promise to get it over with as fast as possible! There are a few things that slow me down and are really distracting.
    • Talking while I’m talking
    • Clicking your mouse
    • Typing
  • Take a potty break at break time, so you don’t miss the instructions!
  • What you put into it is usually what you get out of it…make it awesome!

If following these rules is a problem I will invite you to sit next to me, seat you in a land far far away from the person you keep talking to, put you in a time out, or send you to talk to the principal to talk about it. These options suck for everyone, so let’s just be cool and have fun instead!