Web Design

Make your own website with Adobe Dreamweaver and a little Photoshop magic! Templates offer a springboard for easily learning basic HTML and CSS to change backgrounds, borders, fonts, and layout content with images. We will also embed YouTube videos, online games, and music to share a multi-media experience of your favorite things! Websites can be viewed from a flash drive on any device that supports USB 2.0. * All computer proficiency levels welcome – please let instructor know if reading is challenging, so we can offer plenty of support to scan and read drop-down menus in programs. *

Day 1: Name Flash Drives, Examples of Sites, Deconstruct Finished Site NASA_demo_site, Intro to Photo Shop w/ Textured Name Fx

Website Check List: 

  • Website Plan – Story Boarding: Wonder Woman Site
  • Header
  • Body
    • back ground color
    • repeating tile
    • color with transparent background image
    • gradient
  • Container
    • Background color
  • Content
    • background color
    • text color
  • Sidebar
    • background color
    • navigation
      • rollover buttons
      • code rollovers
  • Footer
    • background color
    • text color
    • copyright
    • name
    • year

Day 2: Photo Shop Selections and Colors, and Dreamweaver Interface Demo MyWebStarterKit and Planning Time

Day 3: Header

Day 4: Buttons

Day 5 – 10: Project Development

Day 11: Finishing Touches and Viewing Party!